Monday, January 25, 2010

Bingo Queen

I took a break from making Valentine cards and decided to counteract the smarm with some humor. It's funny that as sentimental and emotional as I can be, I don't like to create mushy stuff. Maybe it's because I never feel like I adequately express love. More often than not, I express love for someone by trying to make them laugh. Regardless, it's been fun to take a fresh(er) approach to some of my stamps by coming up with captions for them. Ultimately, it's always fun for me to do ars gratia artis, but the orders have been trickling in. Slowly, but they're there. I'm also gearing up for some Springtime arts & crafts shows. Hopefully this is the year that Black Ink Pad Designs does more than put bean in my mug.

Trying to make any kind of a living out of any kind of art work is always a gamble. I've seen more talent stuck by the wayside (and conversely some art work in the public eye that makes me think, "What the...?!)... it's just sad. It's definitely a "right place right time" gig. Will I end up in the right place at the right time? I've had moments like that throughout my life, but who knows? Right now, circumstance has given the opportunity and latitude to explore. I couldn't be more grateful.

With that... I'm off to my studio! Be nice to each other out there... reach outside yourselves.

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