Monday, April 6, 2009

Night & Day

Beautiful. Just B-E-A-Yoooootiful! What a day... following what a night (hey now, minds out of the gutter... I'm talking purely aesthetic loveliness).

Last night I was out on the back deck at around midnight. It was cold, but the sky was crystal clear... dark black velvet, stars everywhere. The moon shown down on the river in a ripple of diamonds, and the rushing hush of the rapids flowing over the boulders... wow. Outstanding.

This morning the sun came up... yes, actually came up! It wasn't just some diffused glow coming from behind cloud cover, but real sunshine. I've been outside almost all day. It got up to about 70, cloudless all day... I could actually watch the snow melt. I was sans jacket when I took the dogs down to the river, and I sat on a big warm rock while they got up to their doggie shenanigans.

Still somehow... Nights and days like these always put John heavy on my mind. He so loved this kind of "beauty day." As I sat on my rock I couldn't help but sigh, "Oh Darlin'... sure wish you were here." I miss the man. It never will matter how I feel about someone else, I just flat out miss him. Right about now, it would be enough to share the glory of the day with a knowing smile.

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