Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Do All My Own Stunts

Never fails. I make light of something and I speak my own demise into being. The gods get such a kick out of feeding me Humble Pie. Yesterday I was joking with someone and made the comment, "Gravity sucks." I told him I wanted to illustrate a picture of a guy falling down, add that as the caption, and make a t-shirt.

John said it best though, "Gravity never sleeps."

After an appointment last night, Scott and I were walking through the thankfully deserted hallway of Evergreen Hospital, when I caught my sandal the wrong way and, splat, landed flat on my face. As I went down, both of us said simultaneously, in two part harmony no less, "Oh shit!" Scott, being the kind and caring man he is, immediately helped me up. To his great credit, he really did try (albeit failed miserably) to suppress laughter as he asked me if I was okay. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Dammit." I grumbled. "Good job we're in a hospital. I think my wounded ego needs a surgical procedure." At that we both laughed - me, rather shamefacedly; he, with abject delight at my stunt, and at the new prospect of looking for the Ego Surgical Ward. ("Is that out-patient?") Brat. Scott later said (with that killer smirk of his) that he thought I'd hurt my face... because it was so red. (Did I mention, he can be a brat sometimes?)

If anyone cares to offer sympathy, I did bung up my left knee pretty well. Got a nice, beautifully colored bruise (I never do anything without some inherent artistic quality, eh?). My friend Shelley once said, "No one over the age of four should ever fall down. It's just wrong." Amen to that. Any older than 4, and it's just too damned embarrassing.


  1. You said "bung"...


    Sorry-- I was all sympathy until you invoked one of my alltime favorite boo-boo words....

    Heal quickly, boo ~

  2. Well, jeepers. The very air abounds in brats. ;-P


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