Friday, August 29, 2008

All We Can Do Is Keep Breathing

I know, I know. Once again I've shirked my responsibilities and left you hanging. It's not that I haven't been thinking about you... it's just that my thoughts have been too random and scattered this week to organize into something worth posting. I get an idea, start chewing on it, and then...oops... swallow before I've gotten the full flavor of it. It's been a rough week - I'm going through a syndrome that Laura refers to as, "Who's at the wheel?!" It's not that I'm a control freak... oh, quit laughing... really I'm not. It's just that I prefer evenness and I dislike ambiguity.

Work has been, well, feeling like work. Usually I'm the one who makes a fun time out of any task, but I haven't been able to pull that off much lately. Between the bullshit head game players in the front office, ranting edicts from The Ice Queen of Oz, and a general feeling that I'm busting my ass for no good reason, my attitude is... shaky.

The only time I've felt like myself the past few weeks is when I've been walking. And I've been doing a lot of walking. It's only two weeks now until The Big Walk - I can't believe the time is already here! I think I'm ready. I picked up some new walking shoes last weekend (thanks HB!) and I've been doing my best to break them in. I've got my list of camping gear. I'm going to finish working on my t-shirt this weekend - if any of you have a name you want me to add to the back of the shirt, send me an email. I'm walking in honor of anyone who has dealt with any kind of cancer. I know it's a breast cancer walk, but I want that SOB eradicated for good. And, yes, I'm still accepting donations as I still have some dollars to go before I reach my pledge goal.

I'm really looking forward to this long weekend ahead. I can use the extra day.

That's my story... for now.

Paolo Nutini, New Shoes

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  1. Barb, keep going step by step, until it's done, I know for some reason have Billy Gilman - 'til I make it on my own running around my head along with "Toy Solders" the original not just the sampled one by Eminem. I love that track by fellow scot Paolo Nutini.
    I've donated already by I'm willing to donate again so you reach your goal.
    All I can do from this far away really.


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