Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Boys are Back in Town

Could I be any prouder? I don't think so. These two amazing young men are the result of the boys I helped raise. Jonathan, Ben and I spent the better part of yesterday together, and although I've seen them both in recent years, this is the first I've spent time with them together in the past 10 years. I'm stunned. Dazzled. Profoundly struck by who they are now as compared to who they were then. To watch them relate to each other as grown men is nothing short of hilarious. They are such fun together - I don't know where they got such a sarcastic twist to their senses of humor. Can't imagine.

I've watched my nephews grow up, change and become fine men, every one of them. But I've never felt whatever influence I might have had in their lives. I've never seen my footprint on the who of them. With Jonathan and Ben I do. I can see things in them that are a direct result of me being part of their lives. It is... heavy. Heavy in such a beautiful way. I feel so honored to know them.

Last night I had the great pleasure of sharing a meal with Jonathan, Ben, their father, Bill and grandfather, Burton. It will go into my book as one of the finest evenings of my life. We looked at my old "nanny" pictures, talked about life, travels, wisdom, food, wine, stuff... it was a treasure... a gift beyond what I could wish for.

So, here's to you, Burton, Bill, and especially Jonathan and Ben. You're the best family a girl could stumble into.


  1. "Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful... Beautiful boys"

    Aww, Baaba-- that's some impressive work you did there... I only hope they know how blessed THEY are to have had your hand guiding them & molding them into the fine specimens that they are ~

  2. Yeah all I had to mold me was my sister and see how that turned out.....


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