Monday, November 12, 2007

Alright, alright! I give up already!!

It seems like forever that friends and admirers (no one has any standards anymore, I swear) have been nudging me to slap a blog into existence. So, here's my attempt.

Why did I suddenly cave? Two reasons: I've been busy all weekend combining my craft studio and office, and I have more work to do, but I'll be damned if I feel like doing it. My shoulders hurt, my gimpy knee is screaming ... MEDIC! Plus, I've managed to get hives from something today, and am in near desperate need of distraction (*skritch, skritch, skritch*). So... neener, neener... y'all pretty much had nothing to do with it. It's my own decrepit, deceitful, peri-menopausal, nearly 46 year old carcass that was the impetus.

Here's a basic thing about me, as if you didn't already know... I'm a fierce Bean addict. You will very rarely ever hear me refer to the stuff as coffee. Coffee implies some weak-ass, watery, brownish, lukewarm liquid that needs to be tossed out asap. Bean, however... BEAN is the real deal, the deep murky, the feisty bitterness that almost makes it worth rolling out of bed in the morning, that hot, screamin', slap ya in the face jolt. Bean. Yeah... now you're getting the idea.

I guess I'll stop for now and see if I can figure out what else to do with this... thang.


  1. I read every single one of your poems. I am so mesmerized by your talent with words. Every one of your poems blends with crispness, smoothness, and literally comes alive with each word. You have such a talent sis! I love what you have done.

  2. Way to go Kemosabi...I knew you could do this, and you are sooo multi-talented, this blog will be a big hit, not only for you to share your inner self, but for all of us that are trying to peer into the "looking glass".

  3. Welcome to the blogging world!!!

    Looking forward to catching up with you via the blog!

  4. The alligators are restless... Love you, Glenda


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