Friday, November 30, 2007

... And So, November Ends

Boy, oh boy, was I ever a creative steam locomotive yesterday afternoon and evening. Clear the tracks... full speed! ("
I'm givin' 'er all she's got, Cap'n!") Where'd it all come from?! I don't know, but who am I to question The Muses?

I started by writing yesterday's blog entry. It seems some folks have come to expect fresh fodder from me to accompany their morning bean (sorry I was late, Tom!). I'm flattered, a) that people are reading my fevered scribbling at all, and b) that this li'l
stake I've claimed has so quickly become a standard in
any one's day. *deep curtsy* If you like what you're seeing, Gang, please pass the link along to others.

After I'd satisfied my daily blog quota, I went out to the kitchen to see what I could rustle up for some kind of dinner. I ended up baking oatmeal cookies (*slorp*). They're darned tasty - if'n I do say so myself -
they're healthy... well, mostly healthy... well, kinda... well... hey, they've got oatmeal and raisins in 'em anyway. I'll end up giving the bulk of them away (so no worries about the incredible shrinking woman). I just enjoy the process of baking, is all.

While I was waiting for batches of cookies to come out of the oven, I diddled around on the piano and (Pow!
Zap!! Zowie!!!
) an entire song came flooding out of me. I've never written a "protest" song before, but I kinda like this one Just The Same. (Psst... That's a live link to the lyrics for those of you who aren't entirely 'net savvy.)

Then, it was back to my cave (if I'm in the right mood, I call it my design studio, but who are we kiddin' here?!), whereupon I fell into a rubber stamping vortex. I was jammin' to some good tunes, happily inking away (I get just as much ink on my fingers as I do on the paper), cursing my paper cutter (which refuses to do anything in a straight line anymore), oblivious to pretty much anything else, when the telltale msn
radar blip yanked me back to reality. "You still awake?" typed the Blipper. I looked at the computer clock and realized it was already after 11 p.m. - past my bedtime. Oops.

So, I forced myself to shut things down, said "N'night" to The Muses (party on without me, Gals!), and ... here I am again, fresh hot bean in hand. It's the very last day of November (already!). I want to give a loud shout-out (I'm thinkin' Howler Monkey style oughta do) to my pal, Denise: Happy Birthday, Chiquita! This one's for you (you'll get the "live" version tomorrow)...


  1. Just wanted to say "thank you Kemosabi" for my daily dose of your gypsy spirit! You are amazing, and for me it is hard to comment on your daily thoughts on here, cause anything I would say would sound so dumb after you "lay it all down." You are an "old soul" that I feel I have known for eternity, yet, brand new and shiny every single day...your words are precise and sharp, but, with a slight soft turn to them, which makes you so unique and special. You remind me of tumbleweed that starts out small, but with the breath of the Gods, is blown along life's path, sometimes stopping just long enough to rest and collect other pieces of life's gifts, and sometimes just slowing a bit in order to gather more momentum for yet another journey along the vast expanse of human emotion.
    It is my great honor to call you friend, it is my pleasure to call you "my friend".

  2. Wow.

    Holy craps, Tonto... you humble me.

    What is it with my friends who claim they can't write and then proceed to knock me outa my chair?!

    Thank you for your words, my friend. I'm so very glad I tumbled your way!

    Big, big hugs! Keep "my" room ready... ya never know.


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