Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for At

This month I'm participating again in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. The upside is that you'll get more posts from me than you've been getting lately, twenty six of them in fact. The downside is that I get to come up with twenty six posts, each corresponding with a different letter of the alphabet.

As I was pondering my first post the other day, in very timely fashion, a friend of mine reminded me of one of the greatest tenets of life. "Begin where you're at." He was referring to exercise. If you've never worked out and you wake up one morning dreaming of running a marathon, you're not going to just lace up and slam 42 kilometers. You're going to start by stretching, and maybe the stretching is enough for that first day - I know it would be for me! Or you'll start by doing a light jog. The point is, you begin where you're at, and for many that first step is simply getting off the couch.

But that line, "begin where you're at" applies to everything we want to attempt in life. Everything. I don't know how many times I've talked to people who are frustrated because they think their first shot at something should land them in the realm of perfection. It just doesn't happen that way. You don't learn to cook by attempting the most difficult recipe in the book right away; you learn to cook by frying an egg. You don't learn to paint by replicating Monet your first time out, you get some brushes and paint and dabble to learn the feel of the brush. Your first sewing project isn't going to be a wedding dress. You get it... you begin where you're at, with the skills you've already got.

You begin where you're at and you build from there.

The key is... B for Begin and Be Bold.


  1. Love it! Nice and simple with universal truth. Good start.

    Glad you doing this again. Welcome back.

    Places I Remember
    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  2. Great to see you Barb! And wonderful post...deep breath, I needed this today. Thank you!

  3. very good advise!

    Happy A to Z

  4. This is very good advice, and can be applied to anything! Excellent first post of the challenge

  5. I think that's fantastic advice, and like you say, it can apply to pretty much everything in life. It's also an awesomely appropriate place to begin this challenge :)

  6. Hello Barb. AT is a good start. I love your advice. -Pamela.


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