Thursday, August 4, 2011

Be Prepared

We always prepare ourselves for the worst. We brace ourselves for the bad that is surely coming our way. The motto seems to be "expect the worst, hope for the best."

I'm sure, back in the caveman days, some hirsute dude with an overly large forehead walked out of the cave, club in hand, and thought, "I'd really like to bring home some dino-chops for dinner and serve them up with a nice piquant berry reduction, but with my luck I'll be chomped to smithereens by a t-rex."

No doubt Moses looked out on his motley crew and thought, "There's no way these people will get it together and get it done. We're probably going to be stuck wandering the desert for a decade at least."

Looking for the worst is not a new concept to humanity. We're used to it, so it's no wonder that we're always peering under the dark edges of gloom and doom.


What if we prepared ourselves for the best? What if we braced ourselves for good things? What if we stood in the doorway as dawn lightened the horizon and hollered, "Bring it! Bring on the good!! I can take it."

I know... you're reading this and already thinking, "Yeah, right. Take your Pollyanna shit and stuff it in the shady side of your sunshiny panacea." I get it. Sardonic looks are not lost on me... I practically invented them.

So just think about it, okay? Set aside the We're-Screwed-Before-We-Even-Start attitude for a day or two. Give it a try.

I dare you.

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