Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for Yes, You!

It really is all about you. Yes, you!

But you might want to quell that excitement a little...

Smallish rant: I am past tired of seeing people wait for someone else to take up the reigns, someone else to take charge, someone else to take responsibility. I'm tired of the mamby-pamby, whiny-baby, "FML" approach so many people seem to take regarding their own lives - as if they are bound and gagged and being waterboarded every single day. Really. Seriously. Really seriously. You want to make it all about you? Fine then. Let's make it all about you. Yes, you!

-- Life doesn't come with a remote control, you need to get up and change the channels yourself. Yes, you.

-- No one can make you feel anything. Your perceptions, reactions, and attitudes are all yours. Yes, you.

-- Happiness isn't a reward. Happiness is a choice. You, and only you, are responsible for your own happiness. Yes, you.

-- Don't expect what you're not willing to give - it starts with you. Yes, you.

-- You won't know if the parachute is going to open until you're willing to actually jump - it's up to you to get on the plane. Yes, you.

-- You might not know where you're going, but you're not going to get there standing still. You need to take a step. Yes, you.

-- When someone says, "you can't," they're not right until they've convinced you. Yes, you.

-- Maybe your childhood was rough. Maybe you have some issues to deal with. Well, deal with them. Because guess who's responsible now? You. Yes, you.

-- Who is responsible for seeing that your children get a solid, well-rounded education in all areas of life? Uhhuh. You! Yes, you.

-- You do a disservice to yourself when you disrespect others - when you gossip and backbite and blame. The one you really hurt is you. Yes, you.

-- If you don't know something, do the research. Ask around, look it up, figure it out. Knowledge is power - educate yourself. Yes, you.

-- Take ownership, accountability, responsibility. Accept that your life is the life that you create/created. If you don't like it, you need to take the steps to change it. Yes, you.

Are we clear on all this now? Hey. I'm talking to you! Yes, YOU!


  1. OMG - I am now channeling you. I wrote Happiness is a Choice on my bathroom mirror on Tuesday. GREAT PIECE.

  2. :-) It's that blasted twinning thing we've got going!

  3. Wonderful post! i almost chose "you" as my own y today, but i'm sure that doesn't surprise you at all.

  4. Thanks, Heather!

    Jess, I am not at all surprised.

    Hi Melissa! Thank you and welcome!!

  5. great post! thanks for the kick in the arse! every day i promise to make it more about me and less about others/the past, etc. :)


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