Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Prism

Hah! Fooled you. You probably thought I was going to pick "passion" for my "P" word. Nope. I sha'n't be constrained! However, now that you've brought it up. Passion... get some! It's good for the soul.

Today's word is prism.

prism: -noun;
1. A solid figure whose bases or ends have the same size and shape and are parallel to one another, and each of whose sides is a parallelogram
2. A transparent body of this form, often of glass and usually with triangular ends, used for separating white light passed through it into a spectrum or for reflecting beams of light

We are all prisms. We absorb light, bend it, and cast it out again in myriad colors. This is what I was thinking yesterday as I watched the sun shining (brief, but glorious) through a crystal prism that dangles in my window. I watched it cast beams and spots of color into the room and thought about how we do that with each other. We bring light and color. If we're doing it right, we bring light and color.

I then posted a thing on Facebook asking what crayon color the person my friends love most brings to their lives. It was interesting to see responses, and knowing some of my friends as well as I do, guessing who it was they were "coloring." It was my intention to carry that into my post here. My friend and fellow blogger, Steph picked up on my vibes, beat me to the punch, and wrote her own bloggage about it (here).

Someone asked me what color Steve is for me. His light reflects so much in my life. I was tempted to say that he's a rainbow of color, and he is, but when I closed my eyes and really thought about it, the color that kept flashing behind my eyelids was candy apple red.

It's interesting... I chose... no, I didn't choose that color for him, it just revealed itself to me. So, okay. I saw that color for him and then I looked it up on the chakra color chart. I find it very telling that the qualities of a red chakra personality are: Courageous, self aware, pioneering spirit, leadership qualities, strong willed, confident, domineering, energetic, determined, spontaneous. Those are all words I would list for Steve.

On a personal level, I love that blue-note color of red. It's so rich, so inviting. For me it evokes passion. So, it was no really surprise to me that it's what I associate with Steve.

There was a time when I thought my own color was periwinkle. That's changed in the past couple of years. When I'm deep inside my mind where the colors swirl, the color that is most prevalent is indigo. It shows up a lot in my artwork as well. I believe it is my dominant color (because really, we all have more than one).

Again I wandered over to the chakra color charts to see what indigo relates to. At the risk of sounding ostentatious, it's pretty much a dead on description of me: highly intuitive, separateness, faithful, sense of unity, fearless, devotion to duty, articulate, practical idealists. Indigo relates to responsibility, to being responsible for one's own life; to following the soul's path and needs and trusting intuition.

I am so indigo.

Do I have a point to this post? A moral to the story, as it were? Not really. I just find it interesting.

But, you could ask yourself what color the love(s) of your life represent to you. You could ask yourself what color you think your inner prism reflects out into the world. You could do a little research on chakras and find out how and where to get some balance in your life.

Chakras aren't as woo-woo as it sounds like. It's all about color. Color is simply light as experienced through different wavelengths and frequencies. Light is just a form of energy that we can actually see. We are surrounded by electromagnetic waves of energy of which color is just a small part.

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