Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Total Package

Today I begin my 48th year on this rock. My birthday present came early this year... all 6'2" of him showed up on my doorstep one day in July and my life changed for the better in an instant. Wrapped up in one package, I received so many gifts that day... trust, respect, acceptance, support, and not the least of which, love. I couldn't ask for more. I never even dared ask for this much. I am, in short, happily overwhelmed by Steve's presence (and presents) in my life. He brings out the best in me... how can I not shine with that much love in my life?

He spent half the weekend helping me cut paper (he volunteered... I didn't ask) and get ready for the upcoming craft fair this weekend. It blew me away to realize that... I dunno... that not only do I have a man who wants to be in my life, but one who wants to participate in it. Yesterday he pondered aloud, "What birthday present do I get for the woman who has everything?" I replied, "In the words of King Arthur, 'Simply love her...'"

So, you'll pardon me if I wax toward the smarmy edge of things. Hey, it's my birthday... I get to... and a happier birthday there's never been.

Please forgive me
If I act a little strange
For I know not what I do.
Feels like lightning running through my veins
Everytime I look at you

~Please Forgive Me, David Gray

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