Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Ink Pad Designs

Will wonders never cease?! Three posts in one day?! Let alone one week? Do not attempt to adjust your computer screen... it's all good! I just wanted to take a moment to announce the launch of Black Ink Pad Designs where I'll be selling the cards, art, and crafts that I create. Please stop by, take a look, let me know what you think, and hey... place an order!


  1. You are amazing Barb! Look at the craft fair table LOADED with such cool stuff!!! I am sure you are going to do GREAT!

  2. Hey! i FINALLY have internet at home, so i'm playing catch-up (as usual) on blog reading... Congrats on your new web page! i took a look and i like what you've got for sale so far! i'm thinking of starting an etsy shop soon. i need to do something - i mean, i make all this stuff on a regualr basis, so i might as well see if it will sell. Good luck on your new venture! Hugs.


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