Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Flavor of a Day

It’s sunny and 70 degrees outside. Have a seat on my porch, lean back and close your eyes as the ice in your cold whatever slowly melts and clinks in the glass sitting on the little table next to you.

Feel the warm sun seep into your pores as the first thing you notice is the sound of the dogs snuffling in the dirt and underbrush beneath the pines next to the porch. You can hear the whisper of the river caressing the boulders as it makes its way down to the valley. From the bottom of the slope comes the sound of blue jays raucously calling to each other as a chorus of sparrows and chickadees sings nearby, all measured by the steady shush of trees swaying and rustling in the breeze.

As you relax into the moment, your olfactory sense takes over. The scent of pine envelopes you much like the scent of a lover’s perfumed caress. You notice the verdant undertones of new grass and brush, and always, always the musky, sexy smell of the river. You can all but taste the earthy dark whiff of dirt and river silt.

It’s intoxicating, this moment. With eyes still closed you feel you’ve mated with something deep and ancient, and it’s a bond that will never leave you. It’s reality imbued with the quality of a dream, but… it’s as real as real can get. This is a moment that will carry you in heavy times. This is a moment that reminds you what life is worth.

This is my day. Life is beautiful. Wish you were here.

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