Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Girl and Her Dawg

*doin' the joy-joy dance*

I got my Birddog back! Thanks to Dr. Gary, my favorite mechanical guru, the ol' gal is up and runnin' again. It was just a gasket... a stupid, stinkin' gasket. I watched and learned. I hate being ignorant about stuff. One of the cool things I learned is that one can quite easily make a new gasket out of card stock. Yup. The same stuff I use to make my tiny art creations. We used Stampin' Up's Garden Green cardstock to make a new gasket. I was grinning big the whole time... thinking, "now there's a whole new realm of creativity to be explored... just think of all the different colors I've got in there!"

Anyway, I drove to work this morning for the first time in weeks, and it felt great! I sure missed being behind the wheel. I never thought a mere vehicle could generate so much emotion in me. But then, Birddog is no mere vehicle. She's a gypsy just like me... wakes up every morning wondering where she gets to go; gets fidgety if she's not allowed to roam some; and loves, loves, loves the open road. And the sound of her engine.... *sigh* When Gary cranked it over last night I swear my heart leapt in my chest. When I started her up this morning, I almost got teary-eyed, and said aloud, "Oh yeah, Darlin'... that's m'good dawg." She's just that much to me. Sure, a lot of it is the sentimental attachment to John, but it's much more than that. Birddog's been my freedom, my friend when everything else seems to fall apart. We've wandered through mountains and deserts together, slept together... hell, I talk to her, pat her haunches even. She's mine, I'm hers... never was there a gypsy wagon more adored by a gypsy.

I can't explain it, and while some might understand, others will just think I'm nuts (wow, nothing new there). Suffice it to say, there's just something about this gal and her dog.


  1. Exactly! i am in complete agreement of your synergistic relationship with "Birddog". I thot G would be the dr. on call. Cars are an extension of our personalities! go girl! and good luck this week end!!!
    island girl

  2. A hearty "Potoroo!!!" of happy healing from Ferdinand (to the uninformed, that is my Matador red [yes, that's the actual Ford paint color] Taurus. Get it? Ferdinand? Like in Ferdinand the bull? Ya know, TAURUS??)

    'Nuff said ~

  3. Glad to hear 'Birddog' is back in action!! I got me a new rig...and I love it. Not been on the 'road' just yet...soon :) Take care and I wish you a great walk this weekend.

  4. wooohooooo glad "birddog" is running again, yeah I'd be lost without my lil' car, well it is lil' it's only a 1.3l engine but it does and I'm lost everytime I put it into the garage for a service, the bus takes twice as long to get anywhere at least..


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