Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Write Choices

She asked, "So, are you ever going to do any regular writing on your blog again?"

My hackles went up. It reminded me too much of my Mom asking if I was ever going to get a real job. Regardless, I stayed calm and asked, "What do you mean by regular writing?"

"You know, they philosophical kind of stuff you used to write. The day in the life of Barb stuff. I mean, I like your fiction things you've been posting, but they're not the same."

Oh. That.

The answer is, I don't know. I honestly just don't know. There are a lot of reasons why I've strayed away from the so-called philosophical stuff, not the least of which is that I was getting really tired of listening to myself. Probably the most of which is that I've been enjoying the hell out of writing fiction. Besides, who am I to be telling anyone else how they ought to live? No, unless I get really inspired, or feel the need to say something, I'm sticking with fiction for the time being.

Oh, and did you know... I do have another blog: The Workshop At Black Ink Pad Designs. I try to post to it at least once a week with helpful tips and tricks for doing arts and crafts. I haven't been as faithful to it as I'd like to be, so I want to devote more time to that too. And, let me tell ya, technical writing wears me out! Plus... (*cue drum roll*)... I am now on the Design Team at Blockheads Paper Arts. As part of the design team, there are commitments and requirements in terms of creating art and blogging about it.

Although my fictional pieces are anything but (I hope) morality tales, I feel that if you're paying attention you can get all kinds of "Barb stuff" out of it. I write what I know. The people who've influenced my life, good or bad, combine to make up the characters that I (try to) bring to life. The situations my characters find themselves in are often situations that are very close to those I've been in.

The difference is, fiction gives me the opportunity to explore, to take that big What If? and scratch the hell out of it. It's the writing equivalent to doing artwork. And I just plain love it. For a long time, people have told me to write a book. I've always I wanted to, but had my doubts that I could really draft something that big. Now, especially after the past couple of months, I can see it. Even better, I can feel it.

So, the philosophical ramblings are on a back shelf for now. But... hang around at the table. You never know what'll happen here.


  1. Dig whatever flies out of your pen....but I do miss a more regular appearance.

    1. Danke. I'll try to be more... uh... regular.

  2. Barb, I enjoy both. Write what you will. I will read and enjoy. -Pamela K.


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