Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Not So Silent Night

Happy Solstice!

I had a post all ready and written in my head... something about how I love the darkest day of the year. How the dark speaks to the artist in me, how the shadows created stir my creativity. How that deep need to snuggle and drink warm beverages feeds my soul. It's all true.

I was going to talk about magic and how the darker days seem to make so much feel like magic, or beckon magic, or something like that. How I can understand why so many fairy tales take place in a dark forest. Or how much we need an apparition to take shape in the dark, even if only to know we're not alone in it.

It all fell apart this morning as I went searching on youtube for really amazing guitarists, doing really amazing renditions of Christmas songs. I found many, as I suspected I would... great rocking electric guitar talents like Joe Bonamassa, Steve Vai, and Silent Night as done by Joe Satriani.

Throw rotten eggs at me if you must, but I really don't like the tune a lot. For one thing, it's difficult to sing with any real success, given the octave leaps that tend to strain the average voice. Plus, I have a traumatically induced mental block against it from having to learn and sing the German version of it over and over and over and over again in my freshman German class. Nothing makes a tune sound more like you're trying to huck up a loogie than the German word for night... "nacht." All that is to say that Satriani takes one of my least favorite Christmas songs and turns it into something that leaves me breathless, and warm, and... and... alive.

This... wow... this is magic. Just close your eyes and listen.

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