Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fanning the Fire

Today my blog is four years old. Yessiree... we've passed that pesky toddler stage and run full-on into constant curiosity and wide-eyed wonder.

Reading over the past four years, I'm impressed (again) at how fast and how much life can change. Four years ago, when I typed my first word here, I was in a dark place filled with ghosts and shadows. No one could have convinced me that in four short years I'd be where I am today - in a beautiful relationship and doing work that I love doing.

It wasn't where I pictured I'd be. I thought maybe I'd just hit the road and never land. Obviously my escapism voice was talking loudly then. Plus, the walls of the house that I'd shared with my late mate John were pushing in on me. I was suffocating and needed air. Badly. This space was where I came to breathe.

I didn't know what to expect from this blog. I just knew I needed a place to ramble, a place where friends and family could check in and see that I was... coping. Or not. I never thought I'd end up with readers who didn't know me. I never thought that if I didn't write for a week or two, people would contact me and not only ask if I was okay, but ask if I was ever going to write again. Because for whatever reason, they'd come to need that (almost) daily dose as much as I.

"Life sure has a funny way of working out, huh?"
"All the time."
~Lonesome Dove

You, My Wonderful Readers, have sat with me through tears, laughter, ranting, anger, banality, threats, cajoling, preaching, mundane, sarcasm, self-pity, self-loathing, self-love... all of the rocks and bits I've sifted through on my path. You've hung with me while I discovered my artistic path, while I (finally) acknowledged my aesthetic longings. You've watched while I auto-didacted my way into my own intelligence. I'll never understand what makes me such a fascinating specimen to you, and I don't need to. These days, I simply enjoy the company. It's nice to have both familiar and unfamiliar faces around the campfire.

You comfort me. And even content people like comfort.

I hope that my world continues to make you feel welcome, and curious, and inspired. I'll keep throwing logs on the fire, and I'll keep brewing the good dark bean.

Because while we may not be able to walk the exact same path together, ain't nothin' that says we can't pull up for a spell, warm our bones by a fire and share come good company. Right?



  1. I've hesitated to tell you this....I know you will never see me the same way afterwards...*deep breath*...I don't drink coffee.

    I'm bringing Diet Pepsi to the campfire.

  2. You're alright, Jo! It's the thought/intention that counts. Ain't no judgments 'round this here fire!

  3. Happy Birthday (no, Barb, not talking to you... talking to the blog... but don't tell anyone - they lock people up for much more minor absurdities!). Oh... and Right. (That time I was talking to you!) xoxo

  4. I'm a new reader - Thank you for writing and please continue. ---On to year five!!

  5. Thank you Barb, for all of what you are and the courage to share it!

  6. I echo the warm thanks from everyone above. Barb, your thoughts and the way you express them just do me so much good, and I know the friends I've shared your link with feel the same. Thanks for inviting us to sit around your campfire. :^) --Beth


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