Monday, February 15, 2010

Around the World in (less than) 80 Days

I recently joined an online group that sends postcards all over the world (Postcrossing). So far I've sent cards out to Russia, Finland, Germany, Alabama, Ireland, Utah, and Estonia. I love the idea of making connections all over the world. Love the idea that the postal system isn't entirely dead (as compared to the internet). Love the idea that something I do might make someone's day 7000 miles away.

My Saturday was made by someone 6996 miles away. I received my first postcard from Taiwan (see below). It feels tangible evidence of life on the other side of the globe, a personal, hand-written note from someone that isn't just so many electrons and computer bits. I fear that as easy as it is to communicate with the entire world these days, we're actually losing the ability to communicate. We don't know how to talk, how to write an actual letter, how to convey a real thought or feeling. Sad.

But, for the first time in probably 30 years, I once again can't wait to check the mailbox every day.
The URL for postcrossing is: I really encourage you to join.


  1. That's so cool. I wonder if the post card market is declining - due to Facebook updates etc... I wonder if they'll eventually stop being made? What a shame if they do.

    This sounds like something I'd like, too. What's the site?

  2. The word "postcrossing" in my post is actually a link, but evidently a lot of people missed it, so I'll go back and fix it up right.

    I make my own postcards, of course! You could have a lot of fun sending your photos around the world, Hilary.

    The link is:

  3. i just read your entire blog . . . white letters on a black background . . . i am having seizures . . . but i loved it all. you have a kindred spirit in the land mass of the mitten.

  4. fugazoid... the ENTIRE blog?! Egads, you are intrepid... or maybe you just had too much caffeine. Either way, I am not responsible for your temporary blindness or obvious insanity. (Note to self: CYA - post disclamer on blog.)

    Thanks for stopping by, for hanging around, and for your kind words.


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